Miraculously survived stabbing and returns to scene of attack

Niv Nehemiah, deputy director of Yavneh supermarket when terrorist stabbed him 14 times, returns to scene of attack for the first time.

Channel 20,

Niv Nehemiah
Niv Nehemiah
Channel 20

About 10 months ago, when Niv Nehemiah served as deputy manager at the Yavneh supermarket. When he arrived at work at four in the morning and did not expect that in a few hours his life would change.

That day, Nehemiah was attacked by an Islamist terrorist who attempted to murder him.

Nehemiah fought the terrorist with his bare hands and was stabbed 14 times, leaving him critically . The terrorist's trial is currently under way. In anticipation of the terrorist's verdict that will be given next month, Niv returned for the first time to the supermarket in order to reconstruct the moments of the terror attack, which he remembers in great detail.

"When I fell to the floor after the stabbing, I understood that I had to stay with my eyes open," Nehemiah told Channel 20, "but I kept my eyes open for my wife and children. I said to myself: 'Niv, if you close your eyes you do not get up.' "

Nehemiah says that he still faces severe pain: "Sometimes I get up at night with severe pain in my leg and feel like I want to tear it out from the pain."

Nehemiah's lawyer said that "the eyes of the Nehemiah family and the entire nation of Israel are on the District Court in anticipation of a harsh sentence which will deter [future attacks], with a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison to create real deterrence."

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