Fence will separate Beit El from Arab refugee camp

IDF forces deploy fence in open area between Beit El and Jalazun following large number of terrorist attacks from camp.

Mordechai Sones,

Razor wire
Razor wire
Flash 90

IDF forces from the Binyamin Brigade deployed razor wire fence in the open area between Beit El and the UN refugee camp Jalazun.

In view of the terror attack increase, the purpose of the fence is to create a buffer and present another obstacle to hostile activity from Jalazun against Beit El residents.

The IDF says that the Binyamin Brigade will continue to act to protect the residents of the area and to protect Jewish communities, as well as to prevent terrorist activity.

"Maintaining quality and routine life is a major effort that will continue to be a priority," the Judea and Samaria Division emphasizes.

Jalazun Arabs attack IDF foeces
Flash 90

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