Edelstein in France: Jerusalem is waiting for you

Knesset Speaker in French Senate: 'If French flag is raised in Israeli capital it will be badge of honor for Israel and our friendship.'

Mordechai Sones,

Edelstein in France
Edelstein in France

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein this morning addressed the French Senate as part of a state visit.

Edelstein noted in his speech that this is an historic week for the State of Israel and for Jerusalem: "On Sunday we celebrated the fifty-first anniversary of the reunification of the city under Israeli sovereignty and on Monday the celebration intensified: When the US Embassy passed to Jerusalem in an unequivocal act: Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the State of Israel and of the Jewish people."

Regarding the embassy transfer, Edelstein told the assembled: "If the French flag were raised in the capital of Israel, it would stand firmly on the right of historic justice and the right of morality. This will be a badge of honor for Israel and a badge of honor for our friendship. My dear friends, Jerusalem is waiting for you!"

Edelstein later commented on the fact that the State of Israel is becoming a locomotive of global innovation, changing daily lives of the citizens of the world. "The answer can be found in the Bible," Edelstein said, "the words are very old. But its ideas are among the most innovative and daring ever written.

"At a time when everyone believed that the destiny of every human being was predestined, the Bible proclaimed the revolutionary idea of free choice and the belief that it was possible to reform the world, the duty to participate in this effort. We did not meet our achievements alone. For centuries, the Jews of France made an important contribution to the Republic, which was the first in the world to grant them full equality of rights."

The Knesset Speaker says the past few years also signaled welcome progress in economic cooperation between Israel and France.

"More and more Israeli companies are beginning to take an interest in the French market. More and more French companies see Israel as a true ally. We live in a world where the daring and the new wins. Jewish history and French history are full of daring and full of innovations. These are basic elements of our national DNA," Edelstein stressed.