Liberman to Iran: Do not test us

Defense Minister says Iran attempting to turn Syria into a front against Israel like Lebanon has become.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Eliran Aharon

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said Wednesday that Israel would respond harshly to any provocation by Iranian forces in Syria.

"We are taking a very simple policy: If someone is about to launch missiles at us - we will target him," Lieberman threatened in an interview with News 2.

He explained that the main threat presented in Syria by Iran is to undermine the operation of civilian and military flights in Israel. "The Iranians are trying to build a third front from the Syrian Golan Heights, and like Hezbollah in Lebanon, they are trying to build something similar on the Syrian side."

"We will never allow Syria to become a front base against the State of Israel. I do not think anyone can accept the reality that the Iranians are placing antiaircraft missiles on our northern border and closing the skies to Tel Aviv to the air force and civilian aviation

Regarding the question of what will happen if rockets are fired at Israel, Liberman replied, "It is impossible to completely seal everything 100%, but we must make a 100% effort to ensure the security of the citizens of Israel. We act with discretion and responsibility - but also with determination. I hope our message will get where it is needed - you should not launch missiles at us."

"I do not think we are on the eve of war. We are doing everything in order that the situation does not escalate But at the same time we are preparing for every scenario," the minister concluded.