Report: Trump won't attend J'lem embassy opening

Senior Foreign Ministry official tells Arutz Sheva White House has not discussed possible visit with Israel week before embassy move.

Nitsan Keidar ,

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Officials in Jerusalem believe President Donald Trump will most likely not make it to Israel for the unveiling of the new US embassy in Jerusalem, slated for May 14th, coinciding with the 70th anniversary of Israel’s establishment according to the Gregorian calendar.

A senior Israeli Foreign Minister official informed Arutz Sheva that with just seven days left before the embassy opening ceremony, the White House has not notified Israel of any plans by the president to visit.

While the president has hinted in the past that he may indeed attend the opening ceremony for the new embassy, which he ordered as part of the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital last December, the significant security precautions required for the president to visit likely preclude a surprise trip with only a few days’ notification.

“Given the fact that until now we have not received any notice from [the White House], Trump won’t be coming,” a senior Israeli Foreign Ministry official told Arutz Sheva. “We are, of course, prepared for every possibility, but the chances of him coming at this point are exceedingly low.”

Instead, the large US delegation which will attend the opening ceremony for the new embassy will likely be led by US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. President Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor Jared Kushner may also attend, along with Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump.

Vice President Mike Pence and US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley had also been expected to attend the ceremony, but were ultimately unable to join the delegation to Israel for the May 14th opening.