No license or registration? No problem

Transportation Ministry drops requirement that drivers carry license and car registration with them while driving, nixing fines.

David Rosenberg,

Woman showing drivers license (stock image)
Woman showing drivers license (stock image)

Israeli drivers will no longer be fined if they forget their driver’s license or car registration forms, with the Transportation Ministry dropping long-standing requirements on drivers to prove their identity and ownership of the car whenever they get behind the wheel.

The reform being advanced by Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz (Likud) was brought before the Knesset Finance Committee for approval Sunday, after Katz signed off on the directive.

Under the new regulations, drivers with valid licenses will no longer be fined if they are found to be driving without their driver’s license on their person. Any form of personal identification can now be carried to prove a driver’s identity, including a driver’s license, passport, or the standard Israeli ID card (teudat zehut).

Officers will now be directed to check remotely whether a driver has been issued a license, using their identification number found on ID cards and passports.

In addition, drivers will no longer be required to show police their car registration forms during police stops to prove their ownership of the vehicle.

Up until now, drivers have been fined 100 shekels for failure to produce either valid licenses or registration forms upon request – even if they possess both.

However, drivers will still be required to carry proof that the car has valid insurance in the vehicle at all times.