Arabs 'celebrate' downing of Israeli UAV

Thousands of Gazans continue to riot along the Gaza border, burn tires and flying kites with burning items.

Elad Benari, Canada,

UAV (illustration)
UAV (illustration)

Some 7,000 Palestinian Arabs rioted along the Gaza border on Friday, burning tires and hurling rocks at the security fence and IDF troops.

The rioters flew kites with burning items, intending to ignite fires in Israel. In addition, said the IDF, rioters hurled an explosive device at IDF troops who responded with riot dispersal means and fire in accordance with the rules of engagement.

During the riots, two unmanned aerial vehicles that were on documentation missions fell in the Gaza Strip. The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit stressed that there is no risk of breach of information. The matter is being looked into.

In addition, a group of rioters attempted to sabotage the security fence and infiltrate into Israel on Friday afternoon. They were thwarted. IDF troops monitored the events and arrived at the scene immediately. The rioters then returned to Gaza.

“IDF soldiers continue to defend vigilantly and professionally against attempts to damage security infrastructure in order to harm Israeli civilians and security forces,” stressed the IDF.

Since March 30, Gazans have been holding weekly marches towards the border with Israel, clashing with IDF soldiers and throwing rocks, firebombs and kites with flaming objects attached.

The riots have been openly encouraged by Gaza’s Hamas rulers. Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas also welcomed the marches, claiming they are a means of “peaceful resistance”.

Earlier on Friday, the IDF ordered security personnel in towns bordering Gaza to warn civilians not to touch any kites found, since they may be booby trapped with explosives.

On Thursday, one such kite caused an enormous forest fire, which ten teams of firefighters fought for hours to put out. Earlier this week, another kite burned an entire wheat field.

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