Why U.S. expats should hire an American CPA

Even Americans living abroad need to file U.S. taxes. Here’s what you need to know

Douglas Goldstein,

US passport (illustrative)
US passport (illustrative)

Doug Goldstein, CFP and director of Profile Investment Services Ltd., and Yosefa Huber, a U.S. CPA, explain why Americans living in Israel should consider hiring an American CPA to file their U.S. tax return.

Yosefa explains the many misunderstanding of U.S. tax compliance. Tune in to learn how to find an American CPA in Israel and why it may be more beneficial for olim to use an Israel based American accountant, as opposed to a CPA back in the “Old Country.”

A checklist for finding the right financial advisor: Doug is a licensed financial advisor, not a tax advisor. He created a free resource to help American citizens living in Israel chose the investment advisor that is best for their needs. To download the full checklist, visit today’s show notes on the Goldstein on Gelt site, GoldsteinonGelt.com.