Israel, Iran & the winds of war

The deadly danger of hubris, Lag B'Omer & the mysterious fate of Rabbi Akiva's students.

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Iran Israel confrontation
Iran Israel confrontation

This week's edition of Temple Talk features Yitzchak Reuven alone in the studio as Rabbi Richman is en route to the USA where he will be speaking next week in Texas.

But don't touch that dial - Yitzchak has some important things to share! Parashat Behar presents G-d's first formal introduction of the incredible land of Israel to the children of Israel, as G-d calls upon Israel to take very special care of the sacred land.

Meanwhile, three thousand five hundred years later, Israel is defending her precious land, taking out Iranian arsenals in Syria, intended to be used against Israel, and the fabled Israeli Mossad manages to pull off the heist of the century, walking out of Iran with a truckload of top secret documents exposing the extent of Iran's deadly nuclear intentions.