'Agricultural terror harms us all'

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein tours Jordan Valley as Yesha Council guest, hears from local farmers about agricultural terror they face.

Eliran Aharon,

Agriterror will not stop us
Agriterror will not stop us

Knesset Speaker Yuli (Yoel) Edelstein arrived today at the agricultural vineyard in the Jordan Valley's Moshav Tomer, where about 150 vines were destroyed in a terror attack.

The tour was also attended by Jordan Valley Regional Council head David Elhayani, and Ma'aleh Ephraim local council head Shlomo Lalouche.

טרור חקאלחייני בסיור עם יו"ר הכנסת בבקעה "תג מחיר פלסטיני"
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The local authority heads related the difficulties to Edelstein, especially the extremely low police presence in the entire sector: "There's one police station in Ma'aleh Efrayim and one patrol car. As soon as there's sovereignty here and we'll be in charge it will change, but so long as we hesitate - there's no sovereignty and no presence - the message is that lawlessness prevails here," said one council head.

Knesset Speaker Edelstein expressed his support for the residents' demands, but made clear that his ability to help personally is limited. "I'm a goalkeeper. I can stop things, but I also need pioneers for offense.

"We have to understand that the damage caused here trickles down to all taxpayers. It's not a private matter for the farmers or the council head, and it hurts us all," added Edelstein.

The damage is estimated at NIS 15,000 a year, until the trees grow again.

This is not the first time such terrorism has occurred in the Jordan Valley Regional Council. In the past year, the council has faced a number of similar incidents in which other farmers, who were later forced to deal with severe damage and harm to their livelihoods, were also hit.