OU announces: Previously-parve Pringles may now be dairy

OU warns consumers to check whether the Pringles they buy are dairy, dairy equipment, or parve.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Cans of Pringles
Cans of Pringles

The Orthodox Union (OU) kashrut (kosher) certification agency announced last week that many previously-parve Pringles products are now either dairy or made using "dairy equipment," COLLIVE reported.

In a kosher advisory on their website, the OU wrote, "Pringles is changing many of their OU pareve potato crisps to OU dairy. This may or may not be a result of a product reformulation."

"If a Pringles product is marked OU-D and ingredients state 'whey' or 'milk,' it is real dairy. If the ingredients don’t state 'whey' or 'milk,' it is dairy equipment.

"Those that have the plain OU designation are pareve. Consumers should always be careful to check for the kosher designation."

The OU sometimes uses "DE" for "dairy equipment," but other times simply marks items as dairy.