Watch: Undercover forces arrest Bedouin arms dealer

Undercover Border Police arrest Bedouin who sold weapons to PA Arab arms dealer. Three indicted in the affair.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

The arrest in southern Israel
The arrest in southern Israel
Israel Police spokesperson

Border Police released on Tuesday afternoon footage of the arrest of a weapons dealer by undercover soldiers at the Meitar crossing in southern Israel.

In the video, soldiers from an undercover Border Police unit are seen entering the Meitar crossing and waiting for a suspected arms dealer to arrive. When the vehicle arrived with three suspects, including the suspected dealer, the officers carried out the arrest.

In the course of the investigation, another Israeli citizen, a Bedouin resident of Arara, was arrested by undercover forces on suspicion of trafficking in weapons. An Arab resident of the village of Yatta, who is suspected of involvement in the affair, was also arrested.

The indictment filed against the three defendants shows that they engaged in arms trafficking with elements in the Negev and Judea and Samaria. Some of the weapons were stolen from an IDF base and sold to the resident of Yatta, who dealt in weapons on a very large scale.