Likud maintains lead despite weakening

According to News 2 survey, Yesh Atid polls at 20 seats and Zionist Union 14. Orly Levy Abekasis wins 8 seats in poll.

Mordechai Sones,


The Likud party continues to lead in polls, but the landscape of the blocs does not guarantee a majority for the right were elections to be held soon.

A News 2 poll published on Monday showed a slightly weakened Likud compared with figures from recent weeks and would win 28 Knesset seats were elections held today.

The Yesh Atid faction receives 20 seats in the poll, the Zionist Union wins 14 and the Joint Arab List gets 12 seats.

Orly Levy Abekasis
Flash 90

The Jewish Home party would win 10 mandates. Orly Levy Abekasis has not yet chosen a name for her party, but figures show it receiving 8 seats. United Torah Judaism receives 7 seats, Kulanu and Meretz with 6 seats each, Yisrael Beytenu with 5 seats, and Shas teetering on the brink of the electoral threshold with 4 seats.

Expressed in blocs, the rightist bloc has 60 seats, the left bloc 52, and in the middle is Orly Levy Abekasis, who is currently not affiliated with any one of the blocs.

Another question asked in the survey was whether the torchlighting ceremony, in light of the controversy surrounding the matter, was political or state-sponsored. 43% of respondents considered the ceremony political, while 36% thought it state domain.