The government's solution to Negev lawlessness

Gilad Erdan introduces bill to raise punishment for firing illegal weapons to 5 years in prison after video shows Bedouin firing out of car.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Flash 90

Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan will present a law to drastically strengthen the punishment for firing an illegal weapon.

The bill, which was initiated by Minister Erdan and Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, was formulated following the publication on social media of a video in which Bedouin Arabs are seen firing automatic weapons out of moving vehicles in the Negev.

Under the new bill, the punishment for the discharge of illegal weapons in residential neighborhood, on the roads, or in any other potentially life-threatening situation will be five years in prison.

In Addition, on Tuesday morning Erdan will hold a discussion with the commanders of the Israel Police's Southern District on the problem of lawlessness in the Negev.

Erdan said that the "fight against violence and rampaging on the roads of the south must be stepped up, and the police will be reinforced by hundreds of policemen to strengthen enforcement on roads and areas full of violence. I expect the police to significantly increase their presence on the southern roads and to strengthen deterrence and enforcement."

"Without prison sentences of many years in prison that will be imposed by the courts, we will not be able to create the necessary deterrence, and thus the importance of the law that will be put to the vote in the government," concluded Minister Erdan.

Last Friday, Bedouin youths were reported driving dangerously on Route 40, near the Ahlim Junction. Two passengers were firing into the air with their upper bodies held outside the car.