'Threats and intimidation against Bnei Akiva'

National Union attacks Secular Forum demand for investigation following Bnei Akiva call to purchase only from Sabbath-observing businesses.

Mordechai Sones ,

Bnei Akiva youth at prayer
Bnei Akiva youth at prayer
Flash 90

The National Union is supporting the Bnei Akiva youth movement this morning after the "Secular Forum" demanded an investigation into the movement.

The forum appealed to the Education Minister, the Justice Minister, and the Attorney General to open an investigation against the movement and block its funding, claiming the call to its members to purchase products only from Sabbath-observing businesses violates the Boycott Law.

The National Union said, "We join Bnei Akiva's call to the general Sabbath-observing public, to give priority in shopping to Shabbat-only businesses."

Bnei Akiva secretary-general Yair Sahal
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The National Union went on to attack the Secular Forum and other organizations: "Apparently after they decided to carry out a targeted killing of the Eli Mechina, the extremists decided to shut the religious Zionist mouth and act with threats and intimidation against the Bnei Akiva youth movement. We support the Secretary-General of the movement, Yair Shahal, and the counselors and members of the movement who will continue to express a clear position and to voice the Torah position on a variety of public issues out of love and faith.

"The voice that those marginal organizations are trying to weaken, we in the National Union will continue to sound and strengthen. We call on all those to whom Judaism in the State of Israel and public Sabbath observance in the country are important to join us in this Israeli and Jewish statement," the party says.