Nir Etzion pledges to counter 'Return March'

Residents furious at intention to hold march to commemorate 'Nakba Day' on their property: 'We'll do everything necessary to prevent it.'

Mordechai Sones,

"Nakba Day" event
"Nakba Day" event

Members and residents of the Nir Etzion village south of Haifa are outraged this morning after discovering that a march of left-wing organizations is planned during Independence Day this Thursday in the village's agricultural areas, aimed at commemorating "Nakba Day", the Arab historical and cultural misappropriation of the Holocaust.

"To our astonishment, members of the Nir Etzion community learned of the intention of Arab nationalists, radical left-wing associations, and other hostile organizations to hold a 'Return March' to commemorate 'Nakba Day', which is to leave our territory in the midst of Israel's 70th Independence Day," wrote Hof HaCarmel Regional Council head Carmel Sela.

The residents make it clear they are categorically opposed to the event. "We view the Council's attempt to carry out blatantly anti-Israel activity by means of a secret maneuver carried out without the knowledge and of course without the consent of Nir Etzion residents, and we strongly demand that the Council announce the event's cancellation."

They also note they will actively work to prevent the march. "We would like to remind you that the existence of such an event is a flagrant impingement on our right to property, since the event is being held in our agricultural areas without our consent. We unequivocally announce that we will do everything necessary to prevent any nationalist, anti-Zionist activity of this kind in our territory.

"It's worth mentioning that Nir Etzion is a Zionist settlement established by the survivors of the Kfar Etzion massacre. During the years of its existence this small community of about one hundred families lost six of its sons in the wars of Israel and in acts of terrorism. We view this news that struck us with astonishment on the very anniversary of our fallen as a stinging insult to us, the people of Israel, and the symbols of the State of Israel."

Nakba Day event