Watch: Gaza rioters use 'terror kites' to drop firebombs

'Palestine Defense Forces' deploys 'terror kites' during Gaza riots, dropping firebombs and sparking fires.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Gaza riots
Gaza riots
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Terrorists operating in the Gaza Strip are using low-tech innovations to attack Israeli security personnel as the riots on the Israel-Gaza border entered their fourth week.

In a video taken near Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip, terrorists are shown preparing ‘terror kites’ mounted with firebombs. The kites are flown over Israeli forces or look-out positions, at which point the firebombs are dropped.

Israeli forces first spotted the ‘terror kites’ on Friday, when they were used to drop firebombs near Karni Crossing.

On Sunday, a Twitter account linked with a group calling itself the “Palestinian Defense Forces” posted a video showing terrorists preparing a kite with explosives and firebombs, before deploying the weapon along the border with Israel.

Since March 30th, tens of thousands of rioters have clashed with Israeli forces on the Israel-Gaza frontier. Thirty-three Gazans have died in the clashes, including 14 identified by Israeli security officials as Hamas terrorists.