Inside Israel's anti-terror tunnel lab

Laboratory personnel work with intelligence personnel and the engineering forces and other units in the field to find and destroy tunnels.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

destruction of terror tunel
destruction of terror tunel
IDF spokesperson

The IDF unveiled Sunday afternoon its technological laboratory for discovering and locating tunnels, which was established two years ago near the Gaza Strip.

The laboratory is located in the Gaza Division under the command of Captain B, electrical engineer and a chemist by training. There the best minds work in a variety of technological and research fields, including the land technology division, physicists, engineers, intelligence personnel and geologists.

Efforts to locate and destroy terror tunnels are comprised of a number of integrated processes that complement each other - technological, intelligence and operational. The laboratory is the technological arm of the tunnel detection, and it uses innovative ground research, which includes the scanning and detection of areas of empty space underground and the activity which takes place there.

The laboratory also works to improve existing technologies and strives to develop new discovery and mapping techniques that match the specific challenge posed by the terrorist tunnels.

The laboratory personnel work closely with the intelligence personnel and the engineering forces and other units in the field until a tunnel is located, through its investigation and until its destruction.

The IDF says that the human capabilities that connect to the rising ability that combines technological-intelligence and operational activity have led to the creation of an enhanced action that results in a rapid pace.

"By combining the capabilities of the engineering, intelligence and technological fronts, the laboratory has achieved proven achievements in locating and destroying five terror tunnels in recent months. Recently, the lab received a certificate of excellence from the Land Technology Division of the Technology and Logistics Division," the IDF said.

On Sunday morning, it was announced that IDF forces had destroyed another terror tunnel that penetrated Israeli territory over the weekend.

After the discovery of the latest tunnel, a follow-up investigation revealed that work on the tunnel began towards the end of Operation Protective Edge in 2014. The tunnel began several kilometers deep in the Gaza Strip and was part of a whole network of tunnels inside the Gaza Strip.