Ambulance driver's 'baptism by fire'

MDA team delivers baby in ambulance during their first shift.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

The ambulance team, the parents and the newborn
The ambulance team, the parents and the newborn
photo courtesy of the family

The first shift of Matan Mizrahi as an emergency medic and an ambulance driver at the Magen David Adom MDA) station in Modi'in and Uriel Samson, an ambulance paramedic, began with a bundle of joy.

Around midnight, about half an hour after the shift began, an ambulance crew received a call about a pregnant woman who was going into labor.

Matan and Oriel, who quickly arrived at the scene, examined the mother and began evacuating her to Wolfson Hospital, but during the evacuation, while they were en-route, the team members realized that the birth would occur before they reached the hospital and that they would have to give birth on their own. They pulled over to the side of the road and delivered the baby into the world.

In appreciation and thanks to the staff, Orly Bochnik and her husband Yosi invited the medics Uriel and Matan to attend the brit milah of the newborn, Uri.

Mizrahi said, "We received a call about a pregnant woman in the third trimester who was experiencing labor pains, and when we arrived she waited for us at the entrance to the building and after an initial inspection we took her to the ambulance and her husband accompanied to the hospital. Then I stopped at the side of the road, took out the birth kit, and two minutes later a cute, healthy baby emerged and immediately began to cry. We completed the birthing process, including cutting the umbilical cord, and continued to the hospital."

"I did not imagine that on my first trip as an ambulance driver, I would already be called to help the mother, and certainly not that the birth would take place right inside the ambulance, and this is the most exciting event I have had over the years. It was very exciting for us to receive the invitation to participate in the brit and to hold the lovely baby Uri again, this time dressed in festive clothes. I wish the Bochnik family a lot of good luck and landed," Mizrahi added.

"It was a very special and exciting experience," said Orly Buchnik, the mother of the child's mother. "We are pleased that we were treated by Matan and Uriel, who performed professionally and provided us a sense of security and tranquility."