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Outstanding artillery soldier ceremony held over weekend; Chief Artillery Officer: 'Our strength is in the people, not the metal.'

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Lieutenant Lior Zaluf receives commendation
Lieutenant Lior Zaluf receives commendation
IDF Spokesman

A ceremony was held over the weekend headed by Chief Artillery Officer Brigadier General Alon Klus ahead of Independence Day.

The ceremony was an opportunity to pay tribute and commend soldiers and officers who contributed beyond expectations during the past year.

Among the outstanding service members recognized at the event was Deputy Commander of the Advanced Training cell, Lieutenant Lior Zaluf.

Six months ago, when he was with the operational cell at the Herodion in Gush Etzion, a vehicle suddenly appeared and tried to run over one of the soldiers, and then the terrorist tried to stab soldiers who were there. In an expertly executed response, Lieutenant Lior Zaluf shot the terrorist and prevented the attack.

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"Receiving a commendation inspires us to continue working hard as we are doing behind the scenes," said Lieutenant Zaluf. "My message to the soldiers is that we have the most diverse and unique corps and we will continue to work hard to contribute."

A senior artillery officer said at the ceremony, "At this ceremony we recall that our growing strength, as in the past, is due not to the metal, but to the people, and that is the whole story. Personal action and excellence is also possible thanks to the support, mutual responsibility, and love of the families at home and the various units performing security activity."

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