Yad L'Achim warns of danger to Jewish People

Anti-assimilation org warns against Diaspora Ministry report claiming it possible to convert and absorb world masses connected to Judaism.

Mordechai Sones,


Anti-assimilation organization Yad L'Achim appealed to the Chief Rabbis to ask the Diaspora Affairs Ministry to shelve their report that described roughly 100 million people around the world connected to Judaism or Israel, and that concluded there are communities that could be considered for immigration to Israel.

According to Yad L'Achim, the commission's report constitutes a great existential danger to the Jewish People: "We urgently appeal to the honored Rabbis to stand guard to thwart such a dangerous and irresponsible plan, so vineyard of the Jewish People will not be so severely distorted that it cannot be repaired," the heads of Yad L'Achim wrote to the Chief Rabbis .

Mixed multitude?

Yad L'Achim is concerned about the lack of halakhic proof that some of the immigrants are real Jews, and are also concerned of the way to deal with such mass conversion according to Jewish law.

In addition, they argued it inconceivable that any committee should discuss fundamental halakhic questions relating to the core of halakhah and the basis of the Jewish people's existence without guidance and authorization from the Chief Rabbinate.

"It is impossible to burst through the walls of Jewish law in order to create an artificial demographic solution. The solution is to strengthen the people of Israel, not the other way around," they stressed.

Diaspora Ministry response: "The Diaspora Affairs Ministry appointed an independent committee to examine the attitude of the State of Israel towards publics who are non-Jewish but have an affinity to the Jewish people. Upon completion of its work, the Committee submitted the report to the Diaspora Ministry for further discussion.

"The Committee determined there is an unprecedented opportunity to create collaborations with these communities and thereby turn them into a strategic asset for the Jewish people and the State of Israel in the international community. The committee does not at all recommend action for conversion and aliyah of these groups. The Diaspora Ministry received the report and initiated a discussion in the government to examine the committee's recommendations."