After long struggle, Australian immigrant enlists at age 28

Felipe Rodriguez demonstrated outside army offices, demanding ability to enlist despite his age. Before Passover he joined Border Police.

Ido Ben Porat,

Felipe Rodriguez and Navon Kaplan with Deputy Defense Minister
Felipe Rodriguez and Navon Kaplan with Deputy Defense Minister

In July, Felipe Rodriguez, who immigrated from Australia, demonstrated outside the Kirya base in Tel Aviv, demanding that he be able to enlist in the IDF, after the IDF refused to recruit him because of his age - 28.

Deputy Defense Minister Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan (Jewish Home) met with Rodriguez and another young man who demonstrated alongside him, Navon Kaplan, in the office of the Deputy Minister in the Kirya.

After hearing their requests and seeing the determination and high motivation to enlist in the IDF, Rabbi Ben Dahan turned to the army and asked to help them.

On the eve of Passover, with the help of attorney Eyal Peltak and Deputy Defense Minister Ben Dahan, Rodriguez joined the Border Police.

"I have no words to thank the Deputy Minister of Defense, Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan, who helped me to realize my dream and contribute my part in defending the people and the country. The rabbi invited me to his office and heard about my desire to enlist in the IDF after I immigrated to Israel, and invested efforts so that I could contribute my part, and for that I will thank him all my life, "said Rodriguez.

The deputy defense minister wished Rodriguez success in his military service. "I am sure he will serve as an example for his comrades during his service. To see Felipe dressed in IDF uniform fills my heart with pride. His dedication to military service and the State of Israel are an example for all Jews in the world and for youth in the State of Israel. "

Attorney Eyal Peltak said, "I thank Deputy Minister Ben Dahan for his time and willingness to help. In this case, too, as in many other cases, when a matter relating to the IDF and the security forces is brought to his attention, the Deputy Minister does not hesitate to deal with the matter until the logical and correct result is achieved, and this is another opportunity to thank him. I wish Felipe great success in his military service. "