US: Israel Independence Day event cancelled over terror threat

Celebration in Miami marking Israel's 70th Independence Day cancelled following warnings of credible terror threats.

David Rosenberg ,


An event planned in Miami to mark the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel was cancelled Monday, after organizers said there were credible threats of terror attacks targeting the event.

The Florida-Israel Friendship League (FIFL), a South Florida-based organization “devoted to enhancing the connection between the communities of Florida and Israel,” has held Israel Independence Day events in Miami over the past 11 years.

The group was planning to mark Israel’s 70th Independence Day on May 14th, but was forced to cancel after it received warnings of terrorist plans to attack the event,” Channel 20 reported.

On Monday, the FIFL released a statement to members, announcing that the May event had been cancelled.

“Due to the security situation: Unfortunately, the traditional main event of the Independence Day [celebrations], which the Friendship League has held for the past 11 years, will not take place. The decision to cancel the event was made out of concern for public safety. We take [this matter] very seriously, and hope that you do as well.”

Jewish leaders in Miami told Channel 20 that organizers had been informed by security officials of credible threats by terrorists to carry out a major attack during the Israel Independence Day event.