Paratroopers allow Israelis to visit northern Israel

During Passover, paratroopers in Battalion 202 continue their constant efforts to ensure the border remains quiet.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Battalion 202
Battalion 202
IDF spokesperson

Soldiers in the IDF's Paratroopers Brigade Battalion 202 perform nightly operations and tours in order to ensure the safety of those living in or visiting Israel's northern areas.

The battalion is currently operating in the area near Lebanon's eastern border with Israel.

As they work, the soldiers continuously practice dealing with the various possible threats, while ensuring that they remain fit and alert.

Battalion 202 Commander Yehonatan Shlezinger said: "Even during the holidays, we concentrate on ensuring the security of civilians and quiet on the border with Lebanon. The soldiers in Battalion 202 invest much effort in allowing you to hike in peace through the blossoming north."

"I believe in my soldiers, and I am proud of them for their loyal work. I wish all IDF soldiers and their families a safe and happy holiday."