BDS targets Israeli hit TV show 'Fauda'

Anti-Israel BDS movement writes to Netflix, which owns the show, threatening legal action if the show is not removed.

Tal Polon,

Ohad Romano

The anti-Israel BDS movement is after the Israeli hit TV show Fauda, accusing the show of serving as “propaganda for the Israeli occupation,” and has called on Netflix to remove the show or face legal action, Ha’aretz reported.

Inspired by the army experiences of its creators, Lior Raz and Avi Issacharoff, the show tells the story of an elite undercover IDF unit which carries out operations against terrorists in Judea and Samaria. The show won numerous accolades in Israel, after which it was purchased by online streaming service Netflix and made available by the company in December 2016, exposing it to international audiences.

On Wednesday, the BDS movement wrote to Netflix, calling on it to cancel the show over its “racist propaganda” and “ostentation of aggression against the Palestinians and their struggle for liberation.”

According to BDS, the show is “racist against Arabs, supportive of violations of international laws and of human rights,” and the movement would consider legal action against Netflix for complicity in “the occupation” if it did not remove the show.

The creators of the series were unperturbed by the threats. Issacharoff told Ha’aretz that the BDS campaign was simply increasing the exposure of the show.

“If any Palestinians have not seen the series yet, they will find a way and watch it,” he said, noting he had spoken to a friend in Gaza who “could not stop praising the first season of the series (he hasn’t seen the second season yet because it hasn’t gone up on Netflix).”

“It’s unfortunate to see the BDS movement trying to harm Israeli art [simply because it is Israeli], no matter what its content. We have no choice but to not wish them good luck,” Issacharoff concluded.

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