Another infiltration: Gaza man caught on Zikim Beach

IDF force arrests Arab man from Gaza Strip on beach north of Gaza after he crossed the separation fence. Man was unarmed.

Tal Polon ,


An IDF force arrested this afternoon, Wednesday, an Arab man from the Gaza Strip who infiltrated Israeli territory after crossing the security fence along the Gaza border.

The man was not armed. He was arrested at the Zikim Beach north of Gaza and transferred for interrogation.

The incident follows a series of provocations along the Gaza border.

On Saturday, Arab terrorists crossed into Israel from Hamas-controlled Gaza and attempted to set an IDF engineering vehicle on fire, before their plan was foiled by IDF forces.

On Tuesday, three Arab terrorists were apprehended by IDF forces near the Tze’ilim army base in southern Israel, after having walked for miles from Gaza. The terrorists were found to be carrying knives and grenades, and admitted in interrogation that they had intended to attack soldiers.

Later, on Tuesday night, two Arab terrorists lit an engineering platform on fire at the old Karni Crossing along the Gaza-Israel border.

In response, an IDF tank fired on two Hamas lookout positions in northern Gaza.

The IDF emphasized that the two arsonists did not cross into Israeli territory.