Don’t get hung up on yesterday

The message of Passover: Believe in yourself and don't look back.

Yitzchak Reuven and Rabbi Chaim Richman,

Offering the Passover sacrifice
Offering the Passover sacrifice
Flash 90

This week is Shabbat HaGadol, the 'Great Sabbath,' commemorating the preparation of the Passover offering by our forefathers in Egypt.

In this week's episode of Temple Talk, Yitzchak Reuven and Rabbi Chaim Richman explore parallels between Passover then and now.

Why is the Passover offering important, and what will it take for the people of Israel to be able to offer it in our time? Our hosts resounding answer: Believe in yourself!

Plus: Reflections on politically-correct Anti-Semitism.

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