'Our blood is spilled, but the government doesn't respond'

Itamar Ben Gal's widow furious at government conduct in view of continued murderous attacks in Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem.

Mordechai Sones,

Yael Shevach (L) and Miriam ben Gal (R)
Yael Shevach (L) and Miriam ben Gal (R)
Roi Hadi

Miriam Ben Gal, widow of Itamar Ben Gal who was murdered in a stabbing attack at the Ariel junction in Samaria, criticizes government conduct against the background of continued murderous attacks.

"Our blood is spilled on this land, and the government isn't even able to furnish the Zionist answer of construction. A third civilian murdered within two months and two soldiers killed, and no response from a significant political source is heard. No dealing with terrorism. No expanding construction; nothing happens. We were polite and we were nice and we asked nicely and we want to scream from all the blood that was spilled while nothing happens."

The widow added, "You don't see on the surface anything affected by the murders; blood is spilled on this land, civilians here aren't protected, not in the car, nor at intersections, in Jerusalem, or in Samaria. Any idiot can come so easily to murder and there's no answer from the government. We ask again and again. At least give us the comfort of building.

"There should be a clear government policy; not as a gesture to the bereaved families but as a government policy that the answer to terrorism is strengthening the hold on the Land of Israel, expressed through construction, settlement expansion, and approving construction in Har Bracha," Ben Gal said.