Supreme Court: Don't return body to Gaza

Interim order against returning body: 'Holding our hostages must not become an asset, but a burden whose costs are paid by our enemies.'

Mordechai Sones ,

Gaza fishermen
Gaza fishermen
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The Supreme Court issued an interim injunction ordering the State not to return the body of a Gaza Arab who was killed last week in an incident with the Israeli navy off the Gaza coast. The injunction was the result of a request filed by the family of IDF Lieutenant Hadar Goldin, whose body has been held by Hamas since Operation Protective Edge, reports Hadashot 2.

Supreme Court Justice Neal Hendel issued an order not to return the body of Ismail Abu Riala, who was killed after naval fighters opened warning fire at a fishing boat that deviated from the fishing area. The order is valid until a court hearing is held next Tuesday.

Goldin family in Supreme Court
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The Goldin family responded yesterday to the State request to release Abu Riala's body. In response, the family demanded the State ensure the Gaza funeral not become a "Hamas propaganda festival."

The family asked the Supreme Court last month to instruct the government to give 72-hour warning before it returns bodies of terrorists who carried out attacks and fully implement the cabinet's decisions regarding release of bodies.

The Goldin family said in response to the decision: "More than a legal order, this is a moral order to the Israeli government, calling on it to stop awarding prizes and gifts to Hamas while they hold soldiers and civilians like pirates and in violation of international law towards us as a state, to change the equation once and for all: Holding hostages cannot be an asset, but rather a burden for which costs must be collected from the enemy."