'A thousand state's witnesses won't help'

PM responds to wave of state's witnesses against him. 'When something is real, you don't need a single state's witness.'

Arutz Sheva Staff,


Prime Minister Netanyahu published a post this evening, Wednesday, on his Facebook page, while in the US in which he addressed the wave of state’s witnesses drafted to testify in investigations against him.

"I do not usually react to the 'sensational headlines,' as it were, but I read something in one of the newspapers that makes me make an exception. I read about a person who was taken for interrogation, and strongly pressured. They told him, ‘lie, be a state’s witness’ - and he refused. It’s hard to believe that in the State of Israel, in our democracy in 2018, there are such things,"

He added, "I want to say a few words about the state's witnesses industry. They take people who they claim committed a crime, put them in detention, trample them, tell them: ‘Your life is over, your family's life is over. We will take almost everything from you, even your freedom. You want to get out of it? There's one way out - put it on Netanyahu. It's not important that you tell lies, the main thing is to blame Netanyahu.’"

Netanyahu said, as have several rightist commentators, if there was really anything to the investigations against him, there would be no need for state’s witnesses.

"When there is something real, there is no need for a single state’s witness, and when there is nothing, even a thousand state’s witnesses will not help. This obsessive pursuit of one state’s witness after another is the best proof that there is nothing here. So they continue on their way and I’ll continue on mine, with historic actions for the benefit of the State of Israel. And time will tell how important this visit was for the security of Israel.”

"On this occasion, I would like to thank the many of you who continue to support me, my wife and my family. It warms our hearts always and especially these days. Thank you very much," concluded the Prime Minister.