Approved: Police may delay transfer of terrorist bodies

Knesset approves in second, third readings amendment allowing measures to prevent terrorist funerals from becoming pro-terror rallies.

Hezki Baruch ,

Terror funeral (file)
Terror funeral (file)
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The proposed amendment to the anti-terror law initiated by Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan, authorizing police to delay the transfer of the bodies of terrorists in order to prevent funerals from turning into demonstrations of incitement to terrorism, passed its second and third readings today, Wednesday, in the Knesset, enshrining it into law.

The amendment states that police may order a delay in the delivery of a terrorist’s body until the fulfillment of conditions demanded by police from funeral organizers.

In addition, police will be able to exercise their authority if they fear that someone will be harmed, or that incitement to terrorism or expressions of identification with the terrorist or terrorist acts will be carried out as a result of the funeral.

The list of conditions that police may set as conditions for holding the funeral include restricting the number of participants, the identity of the participants - including preventing the participation of a particular person insofar as he presents a danger to public safety or from his participation in the funeral procession, the date and time of the funeral, items that may be carried during the funeral.

In special cases, police may also determine the place of burial.

In addition, police may order a financial deposit to ensure that the conditions established for the funeral are met in one of two possible cases: the first, when there is concern that public peace and security may be harmed due to the funeral. Second, when there is concern of identification with the terrorist organization or incitement to terrorism.

MK Anat Berko (Likud) said in response to the passage of the law, "The law will enable and supply tools to Israel Police to maintain order and prevent mass demonstrations of hate and incitement to terror. The bill will define police authority to establish conditions for terrorist funerals. Terrorists must be buried at night, without people watching, as quickly as possible."