Watch: Left-wing operatives attack Israelis in London

Israeli lecturers attending event at King's College London violently attacked with smoke grenades.

Mordechai Sones,

Antifa operative
Antifa operative

A group of Antifa operatives stormed an event including Israeli lecturers who came to speak at King's College in London. According to media reports a riot broke out in the hall, and smoke grenades were thrown. Antifa is a far-Left movement that defines itself as an "anti-fascist leftist organization".

The Telegraph reports that the speakers were Carl Benjamin and Dr Yaron Brook.

Benjamin, who uses the pseudonym Sargon of Akkad for his YouTube channel, is known for his anti-feminist and anti-progressive views, and has been described as an “alt-right” sympathizer.

He was discussing Objectivist philosophy and epistemology alongside Dr. Brook, who is chair of the Board of Directors at the Ayn Rand Institute.

In a video documenting the attack, a group of masked protesters burst into the hall where the lecture was held, carrying Antifa flags and symbols, until guards stopped the riot.

One of the students who was present at the incident told the Daily Mail that "10-15 people dressed all in black, with black hoods and black masks, jumped over the barriers and immediately began to fight with the security guards, who tried to stop them, but they just started hitting them inside."

National Organizer of Student Rights at the Henry Jackson Society Emma Fox was quoted by the Express as saying: “The appalling scenes at KCL last night" should dispel "any doubt that there is an encroaching culture of intolerance and hostility towards free speech on university campuses in Britain.

“While the two speakers undoubtedly have controversial views, they should be met by the force of argument, not the argument of force."