Sara Netanyahu meets with Melania Trump

Wives of Israel, US leaders meet in parallel to their husbands' meeting in Washington.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

First Ladies Melania Trump and Sara Netanyahu
First Ladies Melania Trump and Sara Netanyahu
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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's wife Sara met with US President Donald Trump's wife Melania, on Monday, pursuant to their friendship and in parallel to the Prime Minister's meeting with the US President. Sara Netanyahu thanked Melania Trump for the warm welcome.

Sara Netanyahu expressed appreciation for moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, especially in honor of Israel's 70th Independence Day, and noted that this was an historic decision.

The wives discussed Melania Trump's efforts against the cyberbullying of children and Sara Netanyahu's efforts on behalf of children with cancer, Holocaust survivors, lone soldiers and bereaved families. Sara Netanyahu expressed her appreciation for Melania Trump's work. The latter wrote in her Instagram account, "Enjoyed hosting Sara Netanyahu for lunch to discuss how we can make a better and safer world for children."

The meeting between the two women came as US President Donald Trump met Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu at the White House.

At the meeting between the two leaders, Trump said, "Netanyahu and I have been friends for a long time," adding that the relationship between the two countries "has never been better."

In response to a question from the press, Trump said he "may" travel to Israel for the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem.

"I may. I may," he said. "We're going to have it built very quickly."

"We're looking at coming," Trump said. "If I can, I will."