'Thank you for your contribution to realizing the dream'

Prime Minister Netanyahu awards Public Diplomacy Prize to former Likud Minister Moshe Arens.

Nitsan Keidar,

Netanyahu awards Public Diplomacy Prize to Moshe Arens (R)
Netanyahu awards Public Diplomacy Prize to Moshe Arens (R)
Haim Zach/GPO

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Sunday evening awarded the Public Diplomacy Prize to former Likud Minister Moshe Arens.

The 92-year-old Arens served as an MK representing the Likud from 1973 to 1992 and again from 1999 to 2003. He served as Defense Minister three times: From 1983 to 1984, from 1990 to 1992 and again in 1999. He also served as Foreign Minister between 1990 and 1992.

As Israel’s ambassador to the United States, a position he held between 1982 and 1983, Arens brought his young protégé, Netanyahu, then 32, to work for him in Washington.

In his remarks before awarding Arens the prize, Netanyahu said, "Over the weekend we received additional proof of the strength and importance of the link with the United States. From the depths of my heart, I thank President Trump for his historic announcement that the American Embassy would move to Jerusalem, close to the date of Israel's 70th anniversary festivities. This is a decision that rests on recognition of the reality and of the depth of the right, and the depth of the roots, of the Jewish People in its eternal capital.”

“I am also certain that other countries will follow the U.S. and move their embassies to Jerusalem. Today, as the State of Israel attains unprecedented standing in the international arena, it is very important to understand the roots of the process and it is no less important to salute Moshe Arens' many merits,” added Netanyahu.

“We are constantly upgrading our military-intelligence capability. We are constantly striving to ensure our unique advantage and we respond vigorously to any violation of our sovereignty. Whoever hurts us – we will hurt him with great strength,” the prime minister stressed.

“Dear Moshe, this is the moment to show public and personal gratitude. I have gained much from our friendship, from the help over the years, from the wise counsel, and from the rare understanding that cannot be gainsaid. You told me: 'Every day I look at the State of Israel with happiness because the dream has been realized,'” he said.

“For myself and for the citizens of Israel, thank you Moshe. Thank you for your contribution to realizing the dream and for many more good and satisfying years. Congratulations on receiving the prize," concluded Netanyahu.