Jericho terrorist died of gas inhalation

IDF report shows terrorist who attacked IDF soldiers with an iron rod died from inhaling gas used in crowd dispersal.

Kobi Finkler ,

Jericho (illustrative)
Jericho (illustrative)
Hezki Baruch

The IDF published the results of an investigation into Thursday's incident, in which a terrorist died after attacking IDF soldiers in Jericho.

The investigation showed that the riot which broke out around the IDF forces included 50 Palestinian Authority Arabs who burned tires and threw stones and firebombs at the soldiers. One of the Arabs ran towards the soldiers holding an iron rod. In response, one soldier fired a bullet, which, the IDF investigation showed, did not harm the Arab.

The soldiers then worked to arrest the rod-wielding Arab, but the Arab fought back, attempting to grab and steal one of the soldier's weapons. The soldiers succeeded in arresting the terrorist, handcuffing him. An army paramedic examining the Arab pronounced him unharmed.

Later, the soldiers used crowd dispersal methods near where the terrorist was being held. Apparently, this exposed the terrorist to gas, which caused his death. When the terrorist's condition worsened,, he was evacuated and treated by IDF medics, who were eventually forced to declare his death.

A search of the terrorist's body revealed he had been carrying a knife, in addition to the iron rod used to attack the soldiers.

The IDF has opened an investigation, and an autopsy will be carried out.