Remembering the unknown Jews buried in Jerusalem

Hundreds of students participate in memorial service for Jews buried in Sambusky cemetery at foot of David's Tomb in Jerusalem.

Mordechai Sones,

Memorial for the unknown Jews
Memorial for the unknown Jews
Hezki Baruch

In Jerusalem today, a special memorial ceremony was held for the Jews buried in the Sambusky cemetery with no grave markers at the foot of David's Tomb.

To mark the 7th of Adar, the anniversary of Moses' birth and passing, hundreds of students from all over the country came to renovate and clean the old cemetery, in a joint project of the Reishit Yerushalayim seminary, the Council of Cemeteries, and the Religious Affairs Ministry.

Religious Affairs Ministry Director Oded Plus said, "I am excited on this special day to see hundreds of students taking part in this important and unique event."

Reishit Yerushalayim Director Reut Odem said that the event was held for the third year in a row and the number of institutions from all over the spectrum who are joining "is a badge of honor for Jerusalem whose children are not forgotten and do not forget."

In the Sambusky cemetery, the poor of Jerusalem from all the communities who could not purchase burial plots during their lives on the Mount of Olives were buried, or they were buried by the Sefardi burial society free of charge.

The gravestones of the poor of Jerusalem were very simple, and some of them looked like stones that had been collected in the field. The part of the tombstone bearing the deceased's name was chiseled and smoothed so that it would be possible to read the text. The gravestones were prone to the ravages of nature and time, and it is difficult to read the inscriptions on the few tombstones still in existence.


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