Qatari official: Neither Israel nor Hamas want an escalation

Qatari envoy to Gaza says neither Israel nor Gaza terrorists want an escalation that could "ignite the entire region".

Elad Benari ,


A Qatari envoy said Monday that neither Israel nor Gaza terrorists want an escalation in the region, The Associated Press reported.

“We confirm through our relationship with the two sides that they are not interested in escalation or engaging in a confrontation that could ignite the entire region,” the Qatari envoy, Mohammed al-Emadi, was quoted as having told reporters in Gaza City.

His comments came after the IDF attacked an underground infrastructure in southern Gaza in retaliation for a rocket attack on southern Israel.

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman later said that the targets of the Israeli airstrike included a terror tunnel which ran from Gaza into Israel.

Al-Emadi, whose country maintains contacts with Hamas and has hosted its leaders, coordinates Qatar’s relief and reconstruction projects in Gaza. On Monday, he announced details of a $9 million emergency fund for addressing fuel and medicine shortages.

The Qatari grant includes $2 million in medical supplies and $500,000 for fuel to power backup generators in Gaza’s public health centers, enough to keep them running for a month, according to AP.

Trucks loaded with the supplies could be seen outside Gaza City’s main Shifa Hospital on Monday, where al-Emadi and other UN officials spoke. The Shifa Hospital has been on strike since last week due to a dispute between Hamas and Fatah over salaries for hospital cleaning staff.

Al-Emadi most recently acknowledged in an interview with AP that cooperation with Israel is needed in order to improve the situation in Gaza.

"When you want to do work in Gaza, you have to go through the Israelis. Without the help of Israel, nothing happens," Al-Emadi said.

"This is part of our effort, working very closely with Israel, very closely with everyone in Gaza, to prevent any more escalation and war. We want peace in the region, and to help the people," he added.