Supreme Court: Delay the return of terrorists' bodies

Supreme Court orders Israel to stop returning bodies of terrorists until an additional hearing on the matter.

Nitsan Keidar ,

Supreme Court
Supreme Court
Hadas Parush/Flash 90

The Supreme Court of Justice decided on Monday evening that it would hold an additional hearing on the issue of returning the bodies of terrorists to the Palestinian Authority (PA).

In addition, the court ordered that no further bodies of terrorists be returned until the next hearing, scheduled to take place in the month of June.

The ruling states that the parties must submit their arguments in writing.

On Sunday, the family of slain IDF soldier Hadar Goldin, whose body is being held by Hamas terrorists in Gaza, submitted an urgent petition to the Supreme Court demanding an interim order regarding the government's decision to release the bodies of terrorists who carried out attacks against Israeli citizens, police, and soldiers.

The family based the petition on the decision of the political-security cabinet of January 2017, stating that Israel will hold bodies of terrorists who "carried out a particularly exceptional terrorist incident" and "terrorist bodies belonging to Hamas."

The Goldin family noted that since the cabinet decision was made, the government has returned the bodies of terrorists several times, including last Friday, when it returned the bodies of two terrorists, including the one who murdered three Israelis in Har Adar in September.

The family asked the Supreme Court to instruct the government provide 72-hour warning before it returns bodies of terrorists who carried out attacks and fully implement the cabinet's decisions regarding release of bodies.

"Netanyahu and the cabinet leave us no choice but to turn to legal aid so that cabinet decisions, which were taken with gravity, will be fully implemented," the Goldin family said. "The return of bodies of terrorists who carried out attacks that Hamas boasts of is a message of weakness and submission to terror, and every return of a terrorist's body is an abandonment of IDF fighters and Israeli citizens."