Arafat’s friend: The Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem

A sensational confrontational interview.

Walter Bingham ,

Episcopalian Bishop of Jerusalem, Riah Hanna Abu El-Assal
Episcopalian Bishop of Jerusalem, Riah Hanna Abu El-Assal

It is recommended to take a tranquilizer before listening to this program.

The Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem, an Arab who retired in 2008, commanded a Diocese stretching from Iran in the east to Tunisia in the west and from Cyprus in the north to Somalia in the south.

He condemns Israel’s “occupation of the West Bank” and Israel’s “oppression of the occupied people” and threatened me with legal action.

This is a must hear for every Christian believer as well as Jew supporting the State of Israel.

Also: A reply to President Obama's policy in the Middle East from 2008.

I believe that nothing has changed, and I invite your comments, but please before you do, listen to the program. I have recently noticed comments on what some writers think is in the program.

First broadcast on Israel National Radio Arutz 7 in 2006.