Gadi Eizenkot:
'Arutz Sheva portrays me as a feminist, I'm not'

'I'm not interested in attacks from the Right or the Left; only victory in battle concerns me.'

Mordechai Sones ,

Flash 90

IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gadi Eizenkot, who took part in a discussion of the Joint Committee for the Defense Budget, criticized the Arutz Sheva website and claimed that false reports were being published portraying him as promoting a radical feminist agenda in the IDF.

"On Arutz Sheva, there are reports in which I am presented as a feminist working to change the army's values, while what interests and engages me is victory in battle and the fighting spirit," Eizenkot said.

Eizenkot emphasized to the audience that "I am not a feminist and I'm not interested in attacks from the Right or the Left, only victory in battle concerns me."

Last week, the Chief of Staff presented a security briefing to cabinet ministers and related to the issue of integrating female soldiers into the combat establishment. Eizenkot clarified that what guides him is only the desire for the IDF be strong and win at war.

In his remarks, Eizenkot rejected claims that a feminist agenda guides his steps on the issue of integrating female soldiers into various positions within the army.

"They tried to accuse me of feminism, but I'm not a feminist or a chauvinist or anything else. There's a combination, but everything has to be in proper proportion," said the Chief of Staff.

He said that policy provides women with opportunities to advance, but as long as he is in the position, women will not be integrated into infantry units, including the Golani, Paratroopers, Nahal, and Givati brigades.

"I don't see integration of girls into the IDF's attack formation," Eizenkot said. "Some of the statements made in the context of the joint service stem from a lack of knowledge and the agendas of interested parties."