It's decision time

Should Israel deport or absorb the infiltrators?

Walter Bingham ,

Thousands of illegal infiltrators protest in Tel Aviv
Thousands of illegal infiltrators protest in Tel Aviv
Flash 90

The situation of illegal infiltrators in our country is the subject of hot debate in the Israeli media and the government who is now starting forced expulsions.

Many of the 40,000+ still in the country live in South Tel Aviv which has become a slum, a criminal hub and a no go area after dark.

This program is a comprehensive report about the debate and a sound picture from South Tel Aviv.

You will hear the government view, how the municipality deals with it, what the residents and business owners in the area have to say, also from the Israeli Immigration Policy Center, as well as from the Hotline for Refugees and Migrants who promote absorption and from a left wing (Meretz) Knesset member advocating absorption on humanitarian grounds

If you want to hear all sides of the argument, to be able to make up your own mind, then this programme is an indispensable aid.

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