Samaria commander accused of smashing resident's camera

DCL head video-taped at Mageni Eretz outpost entering tent, breaking resident's camera upon request for ID.

Mordechai Sones ,

Moment camera is broken
Moment camera is broken
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A complaint was filed against the head of the Coordination and Liaison Administration (DCL) in the Shechem area after he reacted violently against residents of the Mageni Eretz outpost near Har Bracha in Samaria.

As can be seen in video footage of the incident, the DCL chief arriveed for a tour of the outpost, during which he enters a tent erected at the outpost and asks his subordinate to photograph several youths there.

Afterward, the youths demanded that the DCL present his identification. The officer responded scornfully and said, "Why, who are you, anyway?", at which point he struck the resident and smashed the resident's camera, which had been used to document the incident.

DCL of Shechem region

In the complaint, attorney Menashe Yado of the Honenu legal aid organization said that the video documenting the incident shows "common street violence on the part of the DCL, no more and no less. It would be appropriate for the Commander Of Government Actions in the Territories [COGAT] to not accept such behavior, but instead to punish a senior commander under him who acted with such contemptible violence," he said.

Yado demanded that compensation be paid to the injured person in the amount of NIS 15,000, adding that the compensation should be docked from the DCL's paycheck, rather than be taken from army funds, because this attack "is a personal offense of the Liaison Office director and there is no justification for covering the damage from public funds."

Attorney Yado says: "The video speaks for itself. In the evacuation of Havat Gilad not long ago we witnessed violence by DCL personnel, at which the head of the DCL was present, and in this incident the violence was committed in front of the camera. We will turn to the authorities to deal with this unacceptable behavior."