Children of divorce are crying out for help

Israel's teenagers fear their fathers will be taken away from them if their parents divorce.

Gil Ronen,

Child covers ears while parents fight
Child covers ears while parents fight

Nearly a quarter of a million people have watched "The Familists'" video titled "When the State Takes Dad Away."

The Familists published their video on YouTube, and then shared it on Facebook, aiming to reach an audience over the age of 21 and expecting that the video would interest divorcees, married adults, and those considering marriage.

It was obvious that teenagers would not be interested in the video, which talks about the feminist organizations' lies and their representation of men as violent murderers, as well as about the police and Welfare Ministry's cooperation with the feminists and willingness to harm innocently divorcing men.

The video also discusses the "contact centers," which are the default way for a child to meet his father until his mother agrees on visitation hours. In a contact center, a father receives one hour a week of supervised contact with his child - not enough to maintain a healthy relationship.

Facebook statistics/ Gil Ronen

An analysis of viewers' ages showed that over a third are teens between the ages of 13-17. In this age group, more girls watched the video than boys. Adults over the age of 45 were the least interested.

Some of the teens left comments showing their personal and painful experiences.

According to The Familists, the fact that this video interested teens more than anyone else shows that the younger generation is suffering from this very issue.

"Young men and women are watching this video, and it touches on what they're experiencing at home, or what they've seen in their friends' homes and are afraid will happen in their own homes," The Familists Chairman Gil Ronen said.

"The Knesset bears full responsibility for fixing horrific situation, and only the Knesset can fix it... A lack of action is unforgivable, especially when these children are screaming for help."

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