Lapid to Balad MKs: Suspend yourselves

Yesh Atid leader: Knesset is not a safe haven for corruption.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Yesh Atid Chair Yair Lapid
Yesh Atid Chair Yair Lapid
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Yesh Lapid party chairman Yair Lapid called on the three MKs from the Balad party accused of corruption to suspend themselves from the Knesset following the police recommendation to indict them.

"It is impossible for the Knesset to allow elected officials who will soon be brought to trial for corruption, fraud and breach of trust, to continue as usual" Lapid said.

"The Knesset can not serve as a safe haven for indicted offenders," Lapid added, "even if there is no legal process [mandating their suspension], it is appropriate to introduce a norm of behavior that crosses party lines."

Police announced Tuesday that a prima facie evidentiary basis had been formed against senior Balad party officials suspected of corruption offenses including lack of integrity, fraud, forgery, money laundering, and breach of trust.

Among the senior officials were MKs Jamal Zahalka, Hanin Zoabi and Juma Azbarga.

The suspects were interrogated following reports given to the State Comptroller by the party regarding donations received in the 2013 elections and reports on the 2015 election expenditures.