WATCH: Israeli soldier injured in ramming attack

Arab driver rams into IDF soldier near Jordan River baptism site.

Uzi Baruch, | updated: 14:55

Scene of ramming attack (illustrative)
Scene of ramming attack (illustrative)
Magen David Adom spokesperson

An IDF soldier in his 20s was lightly injured on Friday when a vehicle rammed into him near the Qasr el Yahud baptism site.

The event occurred on Highway 90 not far from the Allenby Bridge connecting Jordan and Israel.

The soldier was treated at the scene and did not require hospitalization, and the Arab driver has been taken for questioning.

Initial investigations show that the car which rammed him continued driving before coming to a stop.

An IDF statement explained, "A short time ago, a ramming attempt occurred near the Qasr el Yahud baptism site in the Jordan Valley. A Palestinian vehicle which did not have permission to enter the site harmed IDF forces nearby. As a result, an IDF soldier was lightly injured and treated at the scene. Forces have arrested the driver, who is currently undergoing interrogation."

At Qasr el Yahud, the Jordan River is separated into Jordanian and Israeli sides by a floating rope barrier. Christian pilgrims come to baptize children and immerse thenselves in the river, peacefully, on both sides of the rope.

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