Son of hasidic rebbe gets divorced and engaged - on the same day

Hasidim shocked as son of sect leader announces engagement hours after divorcing first wife.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Hasidim (illustrative)
Hasidim (illustrative)
Yossi Zeliger, Flash 90

Last year, the son of a well-known hasidic rebbe (sect leader) married the daughter of another well-known hasidic rebbe in an impressive wedding ceremony.

On Thursday afternoon at 12:00p.m., the couple divorced in the Eida Haharedit's rabbinical court, Kikar Hashabbat reported.

A few hours later, the husband announced his engagement to the daughter of another hasidic community leader.

According to Kikar Hashabbat, the new bride-to-be is also divorced, and members of the three hasidic sects are in shock at how soon after divorcing the ex-husband became engaged again.

The site noted that the new engagement had been done with the blessing of the groom's father, the sect's rebbe.