Terror orphan: 'Thank G-d who performed a miracle for me here'

Netanyahu visits Mumbai Chabad house rocked by 2008 terror attack with 11-year-old survivor. 'Nobody can defeat the Jewish People.'

Arutz Sheva Staff and AFP ,

Netanyahu with Moshe Holtzberg
Netanyahu with Moshe Holtzberg
Chabad Mumbai

Rabbi Yisrael Kozlovsky, the Chabad emissary in Mumbai, recounted Prime Minister Netanyahu's emotional visit to the Mumbai Chabad house with Moshe Holtzberg, only survivor of the bloody 2008 massacre at the site where his parents Rabbi Gavriel and Rivki Holtzberg were murdered.

Moshe Holtzberg was two years old when Pakistani terrorists stormed the Chabad House on November 26, 2008, murdering six people, including Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg, who ran the Jewish center.

Moshe was saved by his Indian nanny, Sandra Samuel, who managed to escape.

He now lives in Israel with his grandparents.

On Tuesday, Moshe made his first visit to Mumbai since the tragedy.

Samuel held his hand as the pair, along with Moshe's grandfather, battled their way through reporters at Mumbai's airport after touching down around 8:30 am.

"I'm very happy," a rather startled looking Moshe told reporters in Hindi.

He was later taken to Chabad House in south Mumbai where today he joined Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for the unveiling of a memorial to the victims of the attack.

"A few moments ago, the prime minister left the Chabad House. He said that Moshe and this building are proof that the people of Israel live on and that no one can defeat the people of Israel," Kozlovsky told Arutz Sheva.

"This place is a symbol and an example of the love of Israel and hatred of Israel," Kozlovsky continued. "The love of Israel because it is the Chabad House that operates according to the Lubavitcher Rebbe's command that it is open to every human being. It symbolizes hatred of Israel because the terrorists choose this spot to carry out their plot."

"The memorial site will demonstrate how it is out of the deepest darkness that we can reach great light."

Despite the murderous attack in 2008, Rabbi Kozlovsky said that he does not fear for his life. "We are convinced that everything is fine and everything will be fine," he said. "Of course, we do everything necessary and fulfill all the instructions we receive from the security forces."

Rabbi Kozlovsky became very emotional when recounting Moshe Holzberg's reaction upon visiting the site of his parent's death. "Moishe was very excited and invited the prime minister to come to the Chabad House for his bar mitzvah. The Prime Minister smiled. We do hope to meet again, but next time it should be in the Temple in Jerusalem " said the Chabad emissary.

During the event, the Prime Minister said, "This place symbolizes both hatred of Israel and love of Israel. Hatred from the terrorists, against the tireless love of the Chabad emissaries who spread light through the world. But there is also Sandra, who also symbolizes the love for Israel inside people," Netanyahu said, and asked Samuel to stand. "The Jewish people went through difficult crises all along the way, and triumphed. So it is here."

When Netanyahu had finished speaking, Moshe said, "I am very happy to return to the place where I was born. From stories, I know that I had a happy early childhood, that my mother and father invested their all in me. Thank you to the Prime Minister who remembered to take me here. Blessed is he who keeps his promise to Moishy."

"I want to take this opportunity to recite a blessing thaning G-d 'who performed a miracle for me in this place' (a blessing that can be found in the prayer book, ed.), and I want to bless my grandparents who have accompanied me since. I want to say thank you to Rabbi Yisrael and Chaya Kozlovsky, the emissaries who today run the Chabad house and continue the path of my parents in the best possible way."