'Bomb cyclone' brings deaths and damage to East Coast

Twenty-two people die due to severe weather, US National Weather Service expects weather to warm in coming days.

Chana Roberts,

Playing in the snow in Boston
Playing in the snow in Boston

The "bomb cyclone" which hit the US' East Coast over the weekend is expected to disappear over the course of the week, meteorologists said.

At least 22 people died due to severe weather, officials said.

The US National Weather Service estimated ice could accumulate in New York, Chicago, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Washington, and Atlanta, between Sunday and Monday. However, by the middle of the week, temperatures will rise to above seasonal average.

During the storm, wind speeds ranged from 20-30 miles per hour, and 10 states received over a foot of snow, damaging vehicles, buildings, and leaving roads impassable. Thousands of flights were canceled, leaving passengers frustrated and angry.

Several state governors declared emergencies for coastal areas, including Massachusetts, New Jersey, Virginia, Rhode Island, Maine, and Delaware.

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