Israel releases woman from 'slap video' on bail

Nour Tamimi released from prison on bail after court rejects prosecution's appeal against her release.

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Nour Tamimi (2nd from right), and Nariman Tamimi (3rd from right)
Nour Tamimi (2nd from right), and Nariman Tamimi (3rd from right)
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Israel on Friday released a Palestinian Arab woman on bail after she was charged with slapping an Israeli soldier in the town of Nabi Saleh, near Ramallah, following a viral video of the incident.

Nour Tamimi, 20, was released early on Friday from a military prison after a court rejected the prosecution's appeal against her release, her father Naji Tamimi told AFP.

On December 15, Tamimi, her 16-year-old cousin Ahed Tamimi, and Ahed’s mother, Namiran, confronted two IDF soldiers stationed in the town to keep the peace, following the outbreak of riots in the area.

During the encounter, which was filmed, all three of the Tamimis attempted to provoke the soldiers, shoving, slapping, and kicking them while shouting at them. Neither of the soldiers responded to the provocations, and none of the three Tamimis was arrested at the time.

The video recording of the incident went viral, sparking a backlash from Israeli nationalists who demanded the three be punished for their assault.

On December 19, the IDF arrested Ahed during a raid of her family’s house in Nabi Salih. Israeli authorities later arrested Nour and Nariman Tamimi.

This past Sunday, the Ofer Military Court northwest of Jerusalem handed down an indictment against Nour Tamimi, charging her with aggravated assault and interfering with an IDF operation.

Ahed and Nariman Tamimi remain in custody, after they were also charged following the video of the cousins slapping and kicking two soldiers last month.

Nour was allowed to return to her home in Nabi Saleh after posting a bail of 5,000 shekels ($1,450), AFP reported.

A guarantor vouched she would show up for her court proceedings, set to begin on February 12, her lawyer Gaby Lasky told AFP.

The military appeals court ruled Nour would also have to sign in at an Israeli police station every Friday at noon.

Ahed, who has been involved in previous incidents in which she provoked IDF soldiers, has been lauded as a hero by Palestinian Arabs

She and her mother are to remain in custody until at least Monday, when they will face another hearing.

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