When darkness fell and the choice was between life and faith

Anthony Lishak talks with Eve Harrow about the choices that were faced by parents who wanted to save their children during the Holocaust.

The Land Of Israel Network,

Holocaust survivor
Holocaust survivor
Flash 90

Antony Lishak, via his organization "Learning from the Righteous", will be commemorating Irena Sendler throughout 2018.

He spoke to Eve Harrow at Limmud UK where he presented a session on this non-Jewish woman who coordinated the rescue of hundreds of Jewish children from the Warsaw ghetto during the Holocaust at great risk to herself and others in the resistance.

What lessons can be learned from her altruism? What terrible choices were made by parents to physically save their children but to know they would be lost to their faith" Without historical context no one should judge, and may this episode in history never repeat itself.

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